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Ing. Lukáš Kopp

Ing. Lukáš Kopp
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Mgr. Pavla Rýdlová

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Luboš Šmída

Luboš Lorinc

Luboš Lorinc



What drives us to produce the cards of the Czech Ice Hockey team?

“We believe the cards are very inspiring. They will get children “closer to hockey”, dragging them into the game. Perhaps one of them will become a successful representative in the future”.

Hockey and collecting are phenomena. The cards have a great charm in them. Children love cards and adults return back to childhood. Fans will be delighted by favorite players and the collectors complete the whole series.

Cards are great information carriers, as the advertising medium definitely does not end up in a trash – so it has a sustained value.

Children collect them, store them in albums and then return to them, read statistics and devour information about players.

Some cards may also increase in price in the future depending on how the card is processed, the number of pieces issued and in particular, on the success of the player during his career. Maybe even your card will be the one of a great value in the future J.

We are much obliged and thankful for the support from official organizations in implementing this project.

We appreciate it!

As the Czechs we are not large as a state, but in our hearts we are a proud hockey nation with a great history.

Let’s enjoy the cards together!